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The written word can impact hearts and minds. ACC publications offer personal reflections and stories of hope and charity, inspiring readers to develop or strengthen their relationship with the Lord.

We welcome you to join our team and please feel free to send in your article submissions
Please read Article Submission Guidelines below and adhere to the following guidelines when submitting an article for publication. All articles are accepted purely on an honorary understanding.
Originality: Articles submitted to ACC website must be written exclusively and must not have been previously published or submitted to any other publisher.
Promotion: Articles must not be commercial or promotional with respect to any specific product or service. Any such references will be omitted or reworded in general terms. Doing so protects the legitimacy of your article in the eyes of our readership.
Length: We recommend a length of approximately 500 words. Longer submissions will be returned with a request to edit down to our suggested word count or a request to split into two stand-alone articles.
Formatting: We prefer Microsoft Word documents. Please do not send PDF files or files with embedded references. We consider electronic submissions.
Review Process: We reviews all articles. In general, this process make some time. You will receive notification by email when the article is published.
Article Destination: If accepted, your article is excellent it may appear in the magazine.
Article Editing & Formatting: The assigned editors format articles for publishing using an in-house style guide, and edit at our discretion for grammar, flow and readability. This can include changing a title to maximize reader engagement and/or accommodate space limitations. In addition, editors may perform sentence and/or paragraph edits for space. The author is contacted only when the editor has a question regarding the meaning of a particular passage, the accuracy of a statement is in question, or more information is required. Authors appreciate this attention to detail and our efforts to make the article as reader-friendly as possible.
Copyright: While you hold the copyrights of your submissions, we will aim to protect you from those who would attempt to reprint your article without permission.
Publishing Timeline: A newly accepted article may not immediately be published. It may take time after the editing process.


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