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Glorify the Lord with All
Your Being

                                                      Share your gifts with ACC   


If you realize the call to contribute  to the efforts of ACC, no matter what, you are welcome to share your talents and skills in a variety of ways. Learn more about how you can volunteer for ACC by reading below and easily sign-up today.



Prayer has the power to change the world and our intercessors have been the cornerstone of ACC ministries. Join our devout corps of intercessors.



Dance to the Christ's beat.  As part of faith expression, be dedicated to promote Gospel through dance in various stages. 



If you are a  video producer, camera operator, or versatile production assist, then share your expertise for ACC.


Event Volunteers

ACC conducts several events inside the University Campus. As an Event Volunteer, your time and talent would be invaluable in ensuring that our events run smoothly.


Music Band

Music band encompases an uplifting message in their lyrics. Use your talent to perform and also discover new Christian music. 


Audio Visual

Visusal Media is the most powerful tool in evangelization. Sign up and utilize your talents to take the message of the Gospel far and wide.



Participating in divine worship services as a choir member is a sacred. Give your God given talents as a valuable service.



Do you want to contribute in a way not shown here? Let us know and together we can build up the Kingdom of God.

Share your gifts with ACC...

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