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About ACC

ACC, stands for association of Association of Christian Christites, is a group of Christian students in Christ University, devoted to the purpose of knowing and serving God. They meet regularly for prayer, reflexion and for the beautiful fellowship they share.

The Acc has ministries within itself such as the Music ministry, Audiovisual ministry and Art ministry. The Music ministry handles all the music during camps and retreats while the audiovisual ministry puts up skits, streetsplays etc. The Art ministry is in charge of posters and banners for all upcoming events.
The Audio Visual Team, which puts up skits, mimes, street plays, etc during the retreat and various programmes of ACC. This team has a sub team, the Choreography team that portray Christian message through dance
The Intercession Team, which gathers together on Wednesdays to pray for the college, country and the world. This team intercedes during the entire annual retreat in the chapel for the success of retreat.
The Art team, which prepares posters and charts with Christian thoughts, informations, etc. This team prepares the Christmas trees, cribs and does other decorations of the chapel.

One of the responsabilities of the ACC is to assist in the annual retreat conducted in college. This year, the retreat was organised entirely by the students members of ACC and the response has been greatly encouraging. The sessions were interactive and the involvement from the audience was more than the previous years.

Every tuesday, the members of the ACC meet in the Prayer Hall for an intercession wherein they pray together for the university, the students, the world and for any special intention
Wednesdays are dedicated to prayer meeting which involve praise, worship and activities.
Also on every Friday, a holy mass is organised in the Prayer Hall by students from various departments in the University.

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